ACerS PCSA Seeking Student Delegates and Representatives

The Recruitment Committee for the President's Council of Student Advisors (PCSA), the student-run organization of The American Cermamic Society (ACerS), is looking for dedicated and motivated undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in PCSA and to apply for a member position as a delegate or a representative. The annual delegate meeting will be held the weekend prior to Materials Science & Technology 2014 taking place in Pittsburgh this October. The annual delegate meeting gives students the unique opportunity to network not only with industry professionals, but also with their fellow students from around the world. 

Being a PCSA member provides:

  • A unique opportunity to represent your university in the ceramics community
  • A valuable way to help you make the contacts needed for future jobs
  • A great resume builder
  • An important opportunity to help reach and serve the next generation of ceramic materials professionals
  • A means to promote awareness of ceramic science and engineering to the general public, particularly among pre-college students
  • A way to build and promote engagement in the ceramics community through online communities and participation in ACerS
  • Leadership and professional development opportunities

Any and all undergraduate and graduate students who have the following qualities are encouraged to apply:

  • A strong interest in ceramics
  • Leadership qualities
  • Reliability and strong drive

More details and info about PCSA and how to apply can be found at the PCSA website. Interested students have until April 15, 2014 to apply for a member position.

University of Arizona College of Engineering