Become an Engineering Ambassador

UA Engineering Ambassadors

The Engineering Ambassadors are University of Arizona students who volunteer their time to educate middle and high school students on the diversity of engineering and the value of math and science in secondary education. They are also highly involved in enhancing student recruitment to the College of Engineering. Representing all majors in the College of Engineering, Engineering Ambassadors share information about the University and about the college experience from a student’s perspective.

The Engineering Ambassadors are among the best the College of Engineering has to offer. They are chosen based on their outstanding academic performance, involvement in research and internships, leadership experience, and passion for engineering. Their outreach and recruitment efforts have helped change the perception of what it is to be an engineer; they have shown the Arizona community that the goal of engineering is to help people and make a difference in our ever changing world.

Additionally, Engineering Ambassadors will:

  • Meet one-on-one with prospective students and parents
  • Give engineering lab tours
  • Organize student panels
  • Represent engineering students at industry and alumni functions
  • And much more...

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