Department Head's Welcome

Department Head Dr. Pierre A. DeymierThe science and engineering of materials hold the key to advances in many critical areas of high technology - from integrated circuits and chip carriers to turbine engines and optical waveguides. As a result, the field of Materials Science and Engineering abounds with scientific challenges critical to a broad variety of applications. Exciting times are ahead and MSE is poised to initiate new thrusts in optical materials, biomaterials, tissue engineering, nanotechnology and computational modeling of materials.

The Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Arizona has attracted a wide group of world class individuals to its faculty and has developed a pioneering and wide-ranging curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Funding from the state, federal government and industry has provided modern facilities and supported research of ever expanding scope and magnitude.  We conduct research at both the campus setting and at our off-campus research facility, the Arizona Materials Laboratory (AML).

The department has exciting research programs in areas as diverse as high-tech ceramics, non-linear optical materials, sol-gel and biomimetic processing, and polymers in electronic packaging. It has a long tradition of excellence in extractive and physical metallurgy; the movement toward high-tech materials has not been made at the expense of this excellence, but rather as a complement to it.

The University of Arizona, the College of Engineering, and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering all support research opportunities for undergraduate students. Many professors hire undergraduate students to work under the tutelage of students at the graduate level. While working as an undergraduate student, the opportunity can present itself for the undergraduate to be listed as a contributor on published papers. These opportunities vary with grant funding, the student's grades, and/or enthusiasm, and of course the student's course load.

The department welcomes prospective students and other visitors to join us and experience our enthusiasm. The present web site will familiarize you with our academic program, facilities and research as well as the University of Arizona.

For more information on joining us as a student, sponsor or friend, please call us at (520) 621-6070 or e-mail us at

Dr. Pierre A. Deymier
Department Head and Professor

University of Arizona College of Engineering