Master of Engineering in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

In an effort to address such Federal Government initiatives as the Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness and Computational Materials and Chemistry, as well as industry needs and the National Academy of Engineering's Grand Challenges for Engineering, the School of Sustainable Engineered Systems (SSES) is offering a new graduate program. The Master of Engineering with an option in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship has been approved and is now an available degree through the College of Engineering. The program is geared toward students and industry professionals who are interested in the translation and transfer of technologically-promising research discoveries into sustainable technologies and processes. It offers a combination of business-oriented classes and engineering courses to help engineers bridge the gap between innovative ideas and sustainable economic development strategies. Degree requirements are outlined below.

Degree requirements for Materials for Sustainability & Innovation: 30 units of graduate coursework as follows:

  • 12 units of coursework with a focus on business and management:
    ENTR/SIE 557* - Project Management (S)
    ENGR/SIE 514* - Law for Engineers/Scientists (S)
    ENGR/SIE 567* - Financial Modeling for Innovation (F)

    Choose one from the following courses:
    SIE 515* - Technical Sales & Marketing (F&S)
    SIE 522* - Engineering Decision Making under Uncertainty (F)
  • 18 units of coursework covering advanced materials and cutting-edge developments in materials science and engineering.
      12 units of required courses 
    MSE 550 - Materials Selection for the Environment (S)
    MSE 596a* - Special Topics: Materials for Innovation (S)
    MSE 551 - Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering (ICMSE) (F)
    ENGR/MSE 502 - Research Proposal Preparation (with additional component on SBIR/STTR) (F) 

        6 units of signature foundational course work: 
    MSE 510 - Thermodynamic Characterization of Materials (F)
    MSE 534* - Advanced Topics in Optical and Electronic Materials (S)

   *  offered online
   * soon to be offered online
   S = Spring, F = Fall 

Please see this link for more details and information on how to apply to the program.

University of Arizona College of Engineering