Master of Engineering (ME) Program

The Master of Engineering degree is a cooperative program of three universities in Arizona: the University of Arizona (UA), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and Arizona State University (ASU). Students in this program enjoy an opportunity to select from a broad spectrum of courses and an exposure to a variety of faculty perspectives and research interests. Because this program is intended to meet the advanced technical educational needs of practicing engineers, courses are delivered through distance delivery formats - including web, web-streamed, and video. Of course, students with access to our campuses are welcome to take on-campus (“face-to-face”) courses as well.

To apply, a student interested in the program is admitted to one of the three universities, which becomes their "home institution." Working with an academic advisor from the home institution, the student develops a program of study that satisfies the Master of Engineering degree requirements. This program can include courses from any of the three universities - it might include transfer credits from other universities as well. However, at least 10 credit hours must be completed from the home institution. The Master of Engineering degree program involves three separate universities, each with their own set of policies and guidelines. Because of that, some elements of the program details will vary from one home institution to another.

Admission to the program begins with the selection of your home institution and, upon admission to the program, the university that is designated as your home institution will be your source for academic advising, record-keeping and other student services, and ultimately confers your ME degree.

Students admitted to the Master of Engineering program are expected to have an appropriate academic background for their intended area of study. In general, this means a Bachelor of Science B.S. degree in an appropriate engineering area from an ABET accredited institution, with sufficient engineering and related coursework to begin taking graduate level engineering courses upon admission to the program. However, please note that in certain cases a student with a B.S. in a related field may be admitted into the program on condition of completing a number of prerequisite courses. In addition, a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 on a 4-point scale is required for admission to the program. This minimum GPA requirement can be based on the last 60 units of coursework leading to the bachelor’s degree. International students must submit TOEFL scores (unless they hold a degree from a university in which English is the primary language of instruction).

Students meeting these minimum admissions requirements may be considered for admission to the program. Depending on the student’s intended area of study and home institution, additional admission requirements (such as a higher GPA or a minimum GRE score) may be required. Students are encouraged to contact representatives of their anticipated home-institution to determine if any of these additional admissions requirements apply.

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