MSE Prof Robert Erdmann to assist with $7.5M Air Force Project to Predict Material Failure


MSE Assistant Professor Robert Erdmann will be Co-Primary Investigator on a $7.5 million dollar Air Force Project to predict material failure. The multi-university research project is headed by Erdogan Madenci, professor with the UA Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department, and will research how to predict damage and failure of materials used in applications spanning microchips to spaceships. The UA engineering team will collaborate with researchers at the University of Texas, San Antonio; University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Pennsylvania State University; and Arizona State University. Erdmann will apply his research in computational materials science and engineering to investigate the link between mateirial microstructures and fracture properties. Ibrahim Guven, MSE Assistant Professor, will research how grain structure affects the fracture mechanics of materials. Further advancement of peridynamic theory will result in breakthrough improvements in material properties and performance in a wide range of appliations, ranging from lightweight aerospace vehicles to naval vessels.

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University of Arizona College of Engineering