Online Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering is an enabling engineering discipline, central to scientific innovation and the realization of technological advancements across multiple scientific and engineering fields. Given the rapid pace of technology evolution and the need for effective, interdisciplinary problem-solving, expertise in material science and engineering principles can dramatically advance solutions to these engineering challenges. The online Master of Science in materials science and engineering is designed to augment your current engineering focus and deepen your existing experience in MSE and its applications.

The program offers a flexible, customizable curriculum that allows you to focus on areas consistent with your goals. The curriculum features “signature course” electives taught by faculty who are topic area experts and spans subjects including microelectronic processing, materials for optics, biological applications, ceramics and polymers, and computational materials science, enabling you to design a course of study tuned to your educational and professional needs. Degree requirements are outlined below.

Curriculum Outline

Thirty units are required for the Master of Science online degree. These units are broken down in terms of required courses, MSE electives, and unrestricted engineering electives as follows:

  • Required Coursework (9 units)
    • MSE 510: Thermodynamic Characterization of Materials
    • MSE 572: Kinetics Processes in Materials Science
    • MSE 502: Research Proposal Preparation
  • MSE Electives (15 units including course options in the following list):
    • MSE 580: Experimental Methods for Microstructural Analysis
    • MSE 551: Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering
    • MSE 546: Semiconductor Processing
    • MSE 560: Materials Science of Polymers
    • MSE 524: Physics and Chemistry of Ceramic Materials
    • MSE 503: Applied Surface Chemistry
    • MSE 511: Mineral Processing
    • MSE 534: Advanced Topics in Optical and Electronic Materials
    • MSE 596a: Special Topics in MSE - Materials For innovation
    • MSE 550: Materials Selection for the Environment
    • MSE 531a: Engineering Materials - Properties and Selection (introductory course)
  • Unrestricted Engineering Electives (6 units)
    • Includes graduate engineering electives available via UA Online in ECE, AME, MGE, SIE, etc.

Students may transfer up to six units of course work completed at other institutions accredited for graduate work. Correspondence courses will not be accepted for graduate credit. Compatibility of course credits for application within the MSE Online Master of Science will be determined by the department (see Master's Plan of Study requirements below).

The cumulative grade point average required for graduation is 3.00 based on courses taken toward the advanced degree. There is a limit of 6 years of total elapsed time between the point of admission to graduate study and the completion of the Master of Science degree requirements.

Master’s Plan of Study

Each student is responsible for developing a plan of study as early as possible during the first few months in residence, to be submitted to the graduate college no later than the second semester in residence.

All deficiencies must be satisfied before the plan of study is approved.

The plan of study identifies:

  1. Courses the student intends to transfer from other institutions
  2. Courses already completed at the University of Arizona that the student intends to apply toward the graduate degree
  3. Additional course work to be completed to fulfill degree requirements

The plan of study must have the approval of the student's major professor and department head (or chair of the graduate committee) before it is submitted to the graduate college.

Completion of Master's Requirements

This form is submitted by the department once the student has completed all degree requirements. The department's graduate coordinator, Elsa Morales, will submit the Master's/Specialist Completion Confirmation form in GradPath on behalf of the student. The submission of the form starts the final audit of the student's program and ultimately leads to the award of the student's degree.

For more information about policies and degree requirements, including deadlines and forms, please go to the following website:

Students who are unable to register for seminar in a given semester or semesters may request enrollment exemptions.

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