MSE Seminar Series Fall 2014

Prof. C. Cornelius from the University of Connecticut giving the joint MSE-SSES (School of Sustainable Engineered System) seminar.

The MSE Seminar Series includes required presentations by graduate students on their research, presentations by external visitors on a variety of fields of expertise, and faculty-student dialogues.

Lectures occur from 2 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in Harshbarger 206.

Oct. 6Kaushik Balakrishnan
"Impact of Molecules, Morphology and Nano-microstructures in Sensing, Optical, Energy and Display Applications"  
Nov. 24Kyle Smith
"Electric Automobile Batteries: State of the Industry and State of the Art" 
Dec. 1Brunella Santarelli
"Technical Analysis of Pueblo I Lead Glazes"  

University of Arizona College of Engineering