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Welcome to MSE!

Pierre Deymier

The University of Arizona department of materials science and engineering offers a diverse, world-class faculty and a pioneering and wide-ranging curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, with an innovative, entrepreneurial perspective through industry, government, academic and community partnerships.

I would like to welcome you to the department, where I hope you will be excited by the forward-looking and optimistic vision that our outstanding faculty, staff and students have developed.

Pierre Deymier, Department Head 

Recent News

MSE Faculty Receive Funds for Early-Stage Inventions

Douglas A. Loy, University of Arizona professor of materials science and engineering and chemistry and biochemistry, has received one of seven 2017 Asset Development awards from Tech Launch Arizona. The funds will aid him in developing a nontoxic, long-lasting sunscreen based on bridged polysilsesquioxanes nanoparticles. He previously received TLA support to create and market biologically based sun protection. Marek Romanowski, a UA biomedical engineering professor with a joint appointment in MSE, was also awarded...

UA Engineers Twist Laws of Physics to Boost Sonic Science

MSE department head Pierre Deymier is bending sound waves in nature-defying ways that could quiet our cities, heal our bodies, provide new sources of energy, and compute and process information. For decades, advances in electronics and optics have driven progress in information technology, energy and biomedicine. Now researchers at the University of Arizona are pioneering a new field — phononics, the science of sound — with repercussions potentially just as profound.   "If engineers can get acoustic waves to travel in...

Loy Develops Novel Sunscreen Eligible for FDA Fast Track

MSE professor Douglas A. Loy has developed microscopic particles of ultraviolet-absorbing plastics prepared by the copolymerization of phenols with aromatic and conjugated aldehydes, like cinnamaldehyde and benzaldehyde, for use as sunscreens. The resulting sunscreens provide an inexpensive and nontoxic alternative that is capable of absorbing both UV-A and UV-B wavelength radiation. “Making sunscreens from solid, microscopic particles of UV-absorbing plastics provides better protection for longer than commercial...

Ratcliff Wins NSF Award to Study Organic Semiconductors

Most people aren’t accustomed to hearing “organic” and “semiconductor” in the same sentence. But the words flow naturally for Erin Ratcliff, a University of Arizona assistant professor of materials science and engineering with a chemistry background. Ratcliff is co-principal investigator on a new research project funded by the National Science Foundation to better understand and improve the viability of organic semiconductor materials, which are being used more and more in the manufacturing of digital display screens...

Alumnus Helps Buck National Trend in Graduate Student Funding

With support from alumni, including the founder of Ventana Research Corp., the UA College of Engineering has established the NextGen Fund for U.S. graduate students to keep the nation globally competitive. After earning a bachelor's degree in 1990, John Lombardi worked at Norton/TRW Ceramics in Massachusetts. There, staff members familiar with the University of Arizona materials science and engineering faculty encouraged him to attend the UA for graduate study.With then-professor Paul Calvert as his adviser, Lombardi...

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